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I want to be well-informed

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The changed standard for business planning!

March 26th, 2013
Andro Kullerkupp

In 2007, when writing a book on business planning, I was of the opinion that the more thorough preparation, the more probable success. Six years later, having come across with the business planning of more than 100 different enterprises, I have to admit that this way of thinking is outdated. We live in the era where not only products and

Why do managers have no time?

February 26th, 2013
Andro Kullerkupp

I wrote down some examples from the life where does the managers´ time go.

The clear sharing of roles and the limits of responsibility are missing ‒ the management meeting is taking place and the manager´s phone is ringing incessantly to which he also answers mostly. He listens and responds with short phrases or simple sentences “yes, no, put there, call him, abide me etc”. Once he listened and responded “take

Hippocratic Oath in management

January 20th, 2013
Andro Kullerkupp

Taking responsibility as the organisation´s leader, I´m grateful to my partners, staff and clients. I promise in the name of my honour and conscience that I will dedicate myself in leadership to the best treatment of staff and clients and to the long-term relationship that guarantees the organisation´s success. Be the aim of my activity the preservation and promotion of organisation´s activity, prevention of problems and solving of them in the best possible way. I will proceed in my work from the best principles of management and I will use only such management techniques that do not harm the efficiency of organisation or the interests of staff, partners and clients. In making decisions I will respect the wishes of persons connected with the organisation and I will inform them of both the expected benefit and the possible dangers. I will perform my leadership duty towards all the employees equally, without preferring anyone. I will improve my attainments constantly and I will share them with my colleagues. I will keep up the organisation´s reputation in front of both the staff and the whole society. I will keep in secret diligently what has been entrusted to me in connection with the organisation and clients. I will regard my competitors with respect and I will not use unethical and sordid methods towards them. Nothing can make me use my attainments against the principles of business ethics.

Adjusted from the doctor´s oath, Andro Kullerkupp 2013

I want to be well-informed about new mailings

Challenge of internationalization

April 19th, 2011
David Rees

No economy can escape the effects of globalisation – whether we are in manufacturing, services, commerce or the public sector.  To succeed with our business activities this means that we have to develop exceptional skills in

Commodities’ producers are loosing their business

March 12th, 2011
Jeff Callander

If businessmen and women who have been home market oriented are in pursuit of expanding their businesses in the modern economies of the world, they have to realise that the world is polarising ever more. There is either commoditised services and products where the real gain is having the optimum operational costs or there is added value products and services where there is something clearly differentiating the offer and can therefore command a premium. The space in between is slowly