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At Vertex we value strong interpersonal and emotional ties and team spirit. We do not put great emphasis on status, but rather on the contribution that each and every individual makes to the company’s success. Our priority is high-quality customer service.

Additional information and inquiries: info at vertexconsulting dot eu

Key consultants

Andro Kullerkupp

+372 5019701
Experience in mergers and takeovers, skilled consultant and assessor of consultants, author of a book, public speaker, international academic background, president of the Estonian Consultants Association, guest lecturer at EBS | More

Jari Kukkonen

International experience, over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and manager, public speaker, instructor, evaluator of consultants, leadership, LEAN, process management, management excellence award, expert | More

Priit Kallas

20 years of sales and marketing experience. Internet marketing strategy, conversion rate optimization, content and search engine marketing. Been a CEO of ad agency, digital agency, web and hosting companies. | More

Ain Parmas

Over 20-years communication experience, advised around 100 companies, earned Best PR Project Award, author of a book "My Cambodia | More

Stanislav Klevtsov

BSc/ MBA candidate
Large companies working experience; serving Russian and English speaking clients; financial analysis and management, business consultancy, project management; economics studies in Estonia, Russia and Poland | More

Ülle Pihlak

Nearly 20 years of experience in consulting, lecturer at EBS, business planning, organisation diagnostics, evaluator of consultants, speaks Hindi, expert in Indian and Chinese culture | More

Martin Pärn

Product development and design
Internationally recognised industrial designer and professor. Has been recognised with several awards, included Red Dot Best of the Best, and being the member of international juries himself | More

David Rees

Expert in organisation culture, human resources management consultant, long-term experience in mergers and takeovers, guest lecturer at Henley Business School, author of books | More

Jeffrey S. Callander

Extensive experience in oil industry, consultations in over 50 countries, about 20 years of experience in supply chain and customer relations management, guest lecturer at Henley Business School | More

Robert Anthony Foster

Multifaceted international experience, concentrated on developing strategic thinking, Trainer in the fields of innovation, creative thinking and uniqueness, author of articles | More

Christof Senghaas

Car industry, knowledge management, Volkswagen, lecturer, management consultant, internal communications | More

Tim Gittins

Long-term consulting experience, expert in Hungarian and UK business environment, has worked in the UK government | More